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Buy the Right Bags for the Right Packaging of Your Products

Make all the right choices to show your products to the public. When come to marketing, packaging is very important. Leave it to us to ensure your products are packaged correctly. Even to present a perfect gift, you need to get its packaging right. Whether you want to package your products while still showing them off or want to throw a surprise, we are here to satisfy your distinct needs.

Agricultural Seedling Bags
Agricultural seedling bags

We offer agricultural seedling bags made from optimum quality plastic. Our agricultural seedling bags are known for promoting healthy growth of plants owing to their moisture-retaining property. Our bags are a low-cost replacement for the rigid containers. What size of seedling bags do you need? Get in touch.

Protective Packaging Wraps
Packaging wraps

Whether you’re packing stock for moving, protecting painted surfaces or covering furniture against scratches, we have the right products for all of these applications. Whether you need shrink wrap, pallet wrap or garment wrap, we have got all your needs covered. Package any product safe and ready for shipment with us.

Plain and Printed Bags
Printed packaging bags

We offer you branded packaging bags for your company, giving you an edge over your competition. Get any types of bags printed, from clear bags, colored bags to carrier bags. If you need plain bags, we can supply them too! Our advanced printing machines can print up to six colors. Let us know the specifications of your bags.

Shopping Bags
Shopping bags

We offer a wide variety of in stock shopping bags for a range of packaging uses in retail applications. From clothing, shoes to food and Thank You bags, we’ve the shopping bag for all your needs. Need a custom printed shopping bag? Let us Quote a Custom Retail Bag for you. For colored shopping bags, look no further.

Gift Bags
Gift bags

Every great occasion needs an appropriate favor giveaway to be complete. Shop for affordable gift bags to present your gift in the best possible way! The sky’s the limit when you want to create the ultimate gift giving experience and the right gift bag plays a vital role. For the best gift presentation ever, get in touch.

Garbage Bags
Garbage bags

Agri & Industrial Packaging’s plastic garbage bags can handle any clean-up, from household cleaning to backyard projects, Hotels and restaurant wastes. Discover our range of garbage bag sizes to get the job done right. We are recognized in the market for our great quality and our competent rates. Buy weather proof garbage bags at affordable rates.

Food-Safe Bags

We carry different varieties of food safe bags, each one made in a size that is perfect for your food packaging needs. We carry narrow bags, barrier bags, wraps and so much more. Need eco-clear bags, heat seal bags or crystal clear bags? Look no further. We also offer quality juice bag rolls for juice packaging. All our food safe bags are FDA approved. HACCP Certification has been awarded to us.

Industrial Equipment and Supplies
Industrial packaging equipment

When it comes to our industrial equipment & supplies, you can count on us for our Shrink Film Tunnel, heat guns, sealers and moisture barrier packaging supplies. Whether it is about bulk packaging or simple packaging, you can never go wrong when you buy packaging equipment and supplies from Agri & Industrial Packaging Ltd.

Our Products:
    • Agricultural

Seeding bags (perforated) Agriculturalists; horticulturalists; gardeners; farmers – all use seedling bags for young developing plants that have been grown from a seed. Start sowing your seeds with seedling bags from AIP.

    • Banks

Money Bags- Financial Institutions such as banks; cambio; bill payment agencies; money transfer shops; credit unions – all use money bags for the placement of cash

    • Gift Bags

Gift/Thank you bags

    • Commercial

Bakery bags – Full range – hardough, bulla, whole wheat, grotto etc

    • Handle bags

Patch, loop, die cut (store bags, advertising etc.)

    • Chicken bags

whole chicken, mixed parts etc

    • Juice rolls

Plain and printed, inc–non standard sizes

  • Plain & printed polyethylene roll & bags
  • Juice bags Garment Films and Wrappers
  • Polypropylene rolls for automated wrapping machines
  • Plain polybags in a whole range of sizes and thickness
    • Advertising

Buntings (party promotional roll) An economical way of advertising your brand/product outdoors, whatever type of event you are hosting, get your product noticed through the use of plastic buntings. Billboards are stationery, use buntings to enjoy the flexibility of moving and re-using these from one event to the next.

    • Bio

Hazard infectious waste bags (red) plain or printed for health care facilities

    • Garbage bags

High and low density (bulk or retail packaging) For household and commercial use

    • Construction film

Thick heavy duty plastic

    • Weed protection film

Heavy duty plastic

    • Garment bags

Protect clothing on store racks from dust & handling

    • Plastic bags & rolls for automated packaging machines

BOPP, Polyethylene etc. for bag juice, banana chips, snack foods, baked goods and many more

    • Shopping bags

T-shirt/scandal for wholesales: supermarkets, etc

  • Bag neck sealer
  • Polypropylene Films
  • Vacuum packer
  • Pallet and meat Film
  • Shrink Wrap Machine
  • Heat Guns
  • Moisture Barrier
    • Shrink tunnel

Vacuum pack your foods; meats; vegetables

    • Hand Sealer

Seal your small packages of coffee; pastries; nuts and grains, etc.

    • Foot Sealers

Tired of bending, stand and seal your packages of pastries; nuts; grains; etc.

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